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cute4sale's Journal

Cute for Sale!
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Let's help each other promote our cute arts and crafts that we have for sale!
This community is for people who want to show off their cute creations that they are offering for sale and people who just enjoy seeing cute things on their friendslist!

Please read this whole profile before joining/posting:

Rules and Guidelines:
* Please keep images a decent size.
* One image can go outside of a cut; the rest should be behind a cut. (To learn how to use a "cut", click here.)
* PLAY NICE! I won't have a problem banning anyone who doesn't follow this!
* It's fine to be inspired by other people's designs, but please do not copy them outright! If you can't be original, this community is not for you!
* This is not the place to be competitive. If we're creating unique items, there will be buyers for all of us and with the economy the way it is (in the U.S., anyway), wouldn't it be nice to help each other succeed?
* Do not post about anything that is not for sale! Exceptions: Examples of items that you will accept commissions for.
* Do not post anything that cannot be considered "cute".
* Use tags so people can easily find your posts again!
* PLAY NICE! (This bears repeating!)
* Community promo posts are okay as long as they have something to do with cute arts & crafts.
* All images should be G-rated only.

If there are any problems please contact your maintainer silivrengalur